About Rocky

Rocky has a few passions in life. Food has been his overriding indulgence and it has taken him around the country with his best friend Mayur. Highway on my Plate and Jai Hind on NDTV Good Times are testimony to that passion. His other passion has been ghost hunting. Rocky has always had a fascination for ghost stories, hauntings, paranormal and the unexplained. But he never really believed. 20 years ago something happened with him, Mayur and a couple of friends that made him rethink his position on the big question – do ghosts exist? Rocky and his friends experienced what they believe to have been a haunting. Rocky spent the next 5 years learning all he could about the subject another 15 years visiting haunted places on his own private ghost hunts. He has written and been published on the subject and now he puts his unusual expertise to use, on INDIA’s MOST HAUNTED: Journey’s into the Unexplained. The hunt begins...
About Mayur

Mayur Sharma believes curiosity may kill the cat but at least it is fun while it lasts. He co-anchors the popular show Jai Hind and the award winning Highway On My Plate on NDTV Good Times along with his best friend Rocky. Mayur has played, worked and traveled across 65 countries in 5 continents and everywhere he has found stories of the supernatural woven into the culture and beliefs of the people. He has survived a run-in with a lion in Africa, SARS sickness in Hong Kong and even a swim in the tsunami of 2004 but nothing has quite cured him of his aversion for the dark. Mayur had his first brush with a ghostly entity in 1990; in fact that bizarre and unexplained incident is the subject of investigation on India’s Most Haunted. This show is his journey towards putting his fears to rest. He hopes to find answers and to stay alive and sane while doing so!
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About the Show

India is a land of ancient tales of the supernatural. Every state, city, town and village here has its own ghost story. A majority of Indians believe in the existence of ghosts. There are thousands of reported incidents of people having seen, heard, felt or even having been possessed by spirits. There are hundreds of haunted homes, palaces, even deserted cities in this amazing country. Our journey is a step to see if these things truly exist and if they can be captured on film or on equipment specifically built for this purpose.

Our aim is to explore and to prove once and for all ….. what is really out there.

We intend to go to haunted places where everyone fears to tread. We intend to put ourselves in situations where no one wants to be. We intend to try and communicate with those from the other side and we intend to take you along for the journey.

Welcome, and beware, for here …….. there be ghosts !
Episode 13:Delhi
Episode 13:Delhi
In the final episode, Rocky and Mayur venture out to a place hidden deep inside New Delhi, the city of djinns. In a jungle, that was once a huge reservoir called Dhaul, sits an ancient Sufi shrine, where the ancient practice of exercising people is still practiced. The djinns or genies exercised over here are “captured” in earthen vessels and thrown into the jungle, where they remain for eternity. Rocky and Mayur head into this jungle to see what happens if one of these vessels is opened…

Showtime:5th August, Friday, 10 pm/ Repeat telecast: 7th August, Sunday, 11 pm
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